York City sign Derwin Martina: 5 FACTS

With Lanre Oyebanjo expected for another lengthy spell on the side lines manager Gary Mills has acted fast to snap up 22 year old right back Derwin Martina. The player will miss tonight’s game against Lincoln as he hasn’t received international clearance. However he has agreed personal terms with York City FC. For those lookingContinue reading “York City sign Derwin Martina: 5 FACTS”

Sutton United: A shambles.

Thanks to the FA Cup non league Lincoln and Sutton United have slid into the hearts of football fans across the country. Lincoln are the first non league side in 103 years to reach the Quarter Finals after defying the odds and beating Premier League Burnley. They will be rewarded with an away tie at theContinue reading “Sutton United: A shambles.”

My first interview with a Football Manager.

Some of you will have probably seen my blog post on my internship for BT Sport. One of the jobs I have to do is interview the managers after the game. This is the story of how I became a bumbling mess on my first ever interview. So picture a 19 year old kid, justContinue reading “My first interview with a Football Manager.”

The struggles of being a student journalist.

Whenever my lecturer gives me an assignment which includes the phrase “Must include one sourced interview” I die a little inside. It’s not that I hate doing interviews, it’s the fact no one gives me an interview. Being a student journalist is damn hard. The reality is that it is near impossible to source originalContinue reading “The struggles of being a student journalist.”