Phoenix Clubs Are Ruining Non League?

Since the emergence and success of AFC Wimbledon, a phoenix football club set up by fans of former Premier League team Wimbledon FC, there has been a surge of newly formed clubs in recent years. But what does this mean for non league football? When a club goes into financial trouble or are declared defunctContinue reading “Phoenix Clubs Are Ruining Non League?”

FA Vase: Dominated by the North East

The FA Vase may as well be called the Northern League Cup. In fact, since 2009 there has been at least one Northern League side in the final at Wembley – including a three year FA Vase winning streak for Whitley Bay between 2009 and 2011. But why do Northern League sides perform so wellContinue reading “FA Vase: Dominated by the North East”

The Demise of Hartlepool, Chester, Macclesfield, Dagenham and Torquay?

This season in the National League many clubs have opened up about their financial troubles and have exposed the faults in how teams are run in the top tier of non league football. This has lead to many fundraisers such as the Hartlepool United just giving page, which has raised almost £85,000 to help saveContinue reading “The Demise of Hartlepool, Chester, Macclesfield, Dagenham and Torquay?”

Football Hooliganism Is Back On The Rise

Original article: The term ‘football hooliganism’ dates back to the 1960’s where the UK in particular had many issues with fans acting disorderly and violent at football games. Recently a video surfaced online in which an Everton fan was seen joining in a brawl against the Olympique Lyonnais players on the pitch, it’s alsoContinue reading “Football Hooliganism Is Back On The Rise”

Why do footballers force a transfer by refusing to play?

Footballers careers are short. The average professional playing career is typically around 15-20 years, and because of this players will normally milk as much money as they can in order to sustain themselves when they retire from the game. You see higher up in the footballing pyramid, especially in the Premier League, players will refuseContinue reading “Why do footballers force a transfer by refusing to play?”

How I started working with BT Sport

I’ve just finished my first year studying Media and Journalism BA (Hons) at Northumbria University and I will be going into second year with a years worth of work experience with BT Sport. What was my role with BT Sport? I worked on the National League Highlights Show which was broadcast every Sunday at 10PMContinue reading “How I started working with BT Sport”

York City’s Recent Signings – My Say

Recently York City have announced that two players have signed new deals for next season and they have re-signed Michael Rankine who comes in from last seasons relegation rivals Guiseley. After some discussion on twitter I thought I’d give more detail on my opinions and rate the signings out of five. Adriano Moké I wasContinue reading “York City’s Recent Signings – My Say”

National League: Who Will Make The Playoffs?

Following my post on the teams at the bottom of the table I thought I’d do the same for the teams near the top. Most importantly the teams challenging for a place in the playoffs. There are four teams currently in the running for the two remaining playoff spots. They will join Tranmere Rovers andContinue reading “National League: Who Will Make The Playoffs?”

National League: Who Will Be Relegated?

It’s been an extremely frustrating time this season watching my team York City crumble in the National League after such high expectations at the start of the year. However York are in a relegation scrap, it is what it is, and it’s going to go down to the last game against Forest Green. Because ofContinue reading “National League: Who Will Be Relegated?”

York City have fielded 48 players this season

When Jackie McNamara and chairman Jason McGill set out to recruit in the summer they used the tactic of signing players with potential and players who were hungry for success at a professional level. This saw the likes of Kaine Felix and Daniel Nti sign for the club who had both been playing in theContinue reading “York City have fielded 48 players this season”

Are York City better up North or down South?

Recently I had the idea to make a map of results so far this season and I found the facts and statistics quite interesting. York play Southport next who sound like they should be from somewhere around Bournemouth but when I did my research it turns out it’s closer to Liverpool. Good job I checkedContinue reading “Are York City better up North or down South?”