The Best Non League Club Names

As you look down the English football pyramid the club names get more and more abnormal the further you go. Because of this I decided to explore a few of my favourites and look into these particular clubs.

Swindon Supermarine

270px-SwindonSupermarineNewLogo‘The Marine’ play their games close to where they manufacture Honda cars in South Marston, Swindon. They currently compete in the Southern League Division One West, which is level 8 of the English football pyramid.

The word ‘Supermarine’ comes from an aircraft company who were known for building the Supermarine Spitfire airplane in World War II. The aircraft company had a connection with the local works social club who set up the original team in 1946.

FC Deportivo Galicia


No connection with well known La Liga side Deportivo de La Coruña, but the original club was set up by Spanish immigrants from North West Spain, which is where they get their name from.

The club was set up for the rapidly expanding Spanish community and are based in Bedfont, a suburban district in West London.

Cadbury Athletic

Cadbury Athletic are actually affiliated with the confectionery company and play in Birmingham, where Cadbury’s was founded 194 years ago.


The club can take credit for the development of Daniel Sturridge, Demarai Gray and Corey O’Keeffe – all players who once played in purple and white and are currently professionals in England’s top two tiers.

Whitchurch Alport


At first glance people may presume that the 10th tier side are named after an airport. In fact the club is named after Alport Farm in Whitchurch, which was home to a local footballer who died in 1946 during the war.

Alport currently play in the North West Counties League Division One and regularly boast attendances of over 200 per game at Yockings Park.

Handsworth Parramore

Handsworth_Parramore_logoI think a lot of people would be tempted to make the link to American rock band ‘Paramore’, but sadly that’s not the case. The club is a merger between Handsworth FC and Worksop Parramore. The latter gaining their name from a group of Sheffield-based ironfounders called ‘F Parramore & Sons’, who founded the club in 1936.

Handsworth Parramore however, were formed in 2014 and play their trade in Northern Counties East League Premier Division – finishing 4th last season.

Crawley Down Gatwick

200px-Crawley_Down_Gatwick_F.C._logoIf any of ‘The Anvil’ fancy a week away to the Canary Islands or even Paris then they can. The club are situated just an 11 minute drive away from London Gatwick Airport via the M23.

Crawley Down Gatwick play in the the Southern Combination Premier Division and the club’s badge even features an airplane, which pays homage to the local runway.

Godolphin Atlantic

Godolphin_Atlantic_F.C._logoI think the graphic designer missed a trick when he didn’t include a dolphin on the crest of the Cornwall-based club. But that might have something to do with the fact the club are actually named after the street in which their ground is located.


Northampton Old Northamptonian Chenecks


Northampton ON Chenecks are not surprisingly a team based in Northampton – it does say it in their name twice just to reassure you!

The United Counties Premier League team was founded in 1946 as Chenecks FC by a Coroner Sargeant. In 1960 they added the ‘Old Northamptonian’ label as they joined a local sport club and relocated to Billing Road, their current home to this day.

Roman Glass St George


‘The Glass’ are a merger club between Roman Glass FC and St George, who created the current team name in 1995. Roman Glass FC were originally a street team and are actually situated in Bristol and play in the Western League Division One.

These are just a handful of teams I have seen whilst scrolling through the football pyramid, and I’m sure there are loads more interesting names further down which I haven’t discovered yet.

If you find any interesting ones, tweet me, or leave a comment on this article.

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Published by Dan Simmonite

Aspiring sport media professional currently working with Northumberland FA. Also write for the grassroots section of the Newcastle Chronicle.

2 thoughts on “The Best Non League Club Names

  1. Hi Dan, I am the Programme Editor for Handsworth Parramore FC and was wondering whether you would let me use your article that featured ourselves, in our Match day Programme (credited of course)? If so, do you have an editable version you could send me?


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