York City’s Recent Signings – My Say

Recently York City have announced that two players have signed new deals for next season and they have re-signed Michael Rankine who comes in from last seasons relegation rivals Guiseley.

After some discussion on twitter I thought I’d give more detail on my opinions and rate the signings out of five.

Adriano Moké

DAX3cmvXsAMcB4gI was so pleased when Moké came back to York City. I have nothing but good memories of him from last time and I think when he was given the chance he delivered for the most part. He holds the ball in midfield really well and was great when he came on at Wembley.

The thing is though he needs to play. And I think Mills might finally make him a main part of his midfield this year. This past season he only played a full 90 minutes in 7 of a possible 35 games, in my opinion he should have started ahead of Asa Hall in the last few games.

Moké has played in this division before with Stockport County and obviously loves the club. Non Leagues’s N’golo Kanté. Brilliant signing.

My Rating (Out of 5):





Hamza Bencherif

Bencherif was one of the signings Gary Mills made in January on loan. He drastically Hamza_Bencherif_2017-02-11_1changed things at the back for York City and alongside Parslow he was consistently a solid defender. A contrast to the start of the season when it was Matt Fry and Jack Higgins.

This will be Bencherif’s first season in the sixth tier as he has been regularly playing in the National League the past four seasons, and before that he was playing in the league with Notts County and Plymouth.

Fantastic signing and well needed at the back, now they have to get Danny Parslow on board.

My Rating (Out of 5):





Michael Rankine

Michael_Rankine_24-10-2009_1I’ve got a bit of a case of déjà vu here.. York signed Richard Brodie from Semi Professional outfit Stockport County last summer, he blew his chance back in professional football and dropped down to the National League North with Boston United.

Is this not the same situation? Now I’m not saying Rankine has the same attitude problem as Brodie did but you could tell when he came on for Guielsey at Bootham Crescent that he isn’t as fit as he once was.

Now admittedly I am slightly chuckling over our front line, Jon Pakin and Michael Rankine… If I was the centre back for the opposition I would just go home!

But realistically do you see this working? Two big lads playing up front for York? I’d love to hear your opinions on this one so please leave a comment below or tweet me.

My Rating (Out of 5):





* Note that I haven’t included players who haven’t signed deals yet so Kyle Letheren etc. aren’t included.

** Vadaine Oliver and Alex Whittle not included as they are transfer listed by request.

For me we need to get Amari Morgan-Smith to sign and he can play alongside Parkin. Also it would be great if Letheren signs but he can definitely play higher up and has said that he has had offers from Scotland.

A few players have said they are signing on for next year and a few are also under contract but are keeping quiet. I’m hoping the players who said they’d play put their money where their mouth is and sign on the dotted line.

Other teams like Salford City are signing players left right and centre and York need to know who they have to replace next year so Gary Mills can crack on.


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