Are York City better up North or down South?

Recently I had the idea to make a map of results so far this season and I found the facts and statistics quite interesting.

York play Southport next who sound like they should be from somewhere around Bournemouth but when I did my research it turns out it’s closer to Liverpool. Good job I checked before compiling my statistics.

Lets hope that the higher win percentage against teams up north gives us the better odds of beating Southport.

Here are my findings:



York seem to do a lot better at drawing games against down south than they do against the Northerners. This is probably explained by the countless times York have let a lead slip, however a point is better than none and they seem to do well at not losing as many games against the Southerners.

Gary Mills said that earlier in the season they can beat any team in the league. On paper they now can’t beat every team in the league. However they can get points off every team. (If we write off those 6-1 and 3-1 defeats to Gateshead earlier in the season!)

There are 10 league games left of the season and it’s time for Gary Mills to put his money where his mouth is and prove that York are capable of a result against each of the teams they have left to play.

So who do they play?

In terms of Northern and Southern teams I have spit the fixtures in two:

Northern Fixtures:

  • Tues 21st March – Southport
  • Tues 28th March – Macclesfield
  • Sat 8th April – Chester
  • Mon 17th April – Wrexham

Southern Fixtures:

  • Sat 25th March – Dag & Red
  • Sat 1st April – Braintree
  • Tues 4th April – Bromley
  • Fri 14th April – Solihull Moors
  • Sat 22nd April – Woking
  • Sat 29th April – Forest Green

Not that the North/South divide has any relevance to the position they are in at the moment but I thought it was all really interesting to see. And of course as York are in a relegation battle and if they go down they will be allocated to the National League North or South.

They would almost certainly be in the North but if this season is anything to go from then they have a better win percentage record against northern teams and they have 2 wins in their last 5 games against northern teams so it seems to be for the best. However the National League North has some big teams like Stockport County as well as up and coming teams like Salford City and Darlington 1883. So it would not be an easy ride for York by any means.

Published by Dan Simmonite

Aspiring sport media professional currently working with Northumberland FA. Also write for the grassroots section of the Newcastle Chronicle.

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