The struggles of being a student journalist.

Whenever my lecturer gives me an assignment which includes the phrase “Must include one sourced interview” I die a little inside. It’s not that I hate doing interviews, it’s the fact no one gives me an interview.

Being a student journalist is damn hard. The reality is that it is near impossible to source original stories and interviews yourself because no one gives a sh*t. But that’s media for you.

The industry is set up so that if a person or company is not getting good PR from a story then they don’t want to know. It’s all about brand image and promotion. And as a student journalist writing an article for your lecturer, the brand exposure is just not there.

You can either go and get your 5th interview of the year with the Student’s Union or as others in my class have done; just make the whole thing up.

Student journalists are very small fish in a very big pond unfortunately.

Published by Dan Simmonite

Aspiring sport media professional currently working with Northumberland FA. Also write for the grassroots section of the Newcastle Chronicle.

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