What is wrong with York City?

I’m starting writing this blog halfway through the Bromley game. I’m that annoyed. We are currently 2-0 down and are most likely going to lose another game. This makes it zero wins since October and leaves York second from bottom. The atmosphere is absolutely dead at Bootham, which is such a contrast to when we were in League 2.

But I don’t blame the fans. It’s not like they have anything to shout about.

How it happened

I think it begins at the end of last season. York were relegated and there was speculation of Jackie McNamara’s future. I’ve got to say that I’m very surprised he kept his job in the first place. The fans never seemed to take a liking to him and ultimately he took the club back down to non league.

Like many I gave him the benefit of the doubt and was prepared to give him another chance. He recruited his own squad in which most players proved to be useless at National League level. I like the idea of developing a young squad however you can’t make a team of players challenge for the title without the experience. Most of our players were recruited from leagues below such as Higgins, Nti, Felix etc.

The biggest mistake I feel was the delay in sacking McNamara. In my opinion he should have been gone long before he did. However its a catch 22 situation as we wouldn’t have been able to get hold of Gary Mills as he was still Wrexham manager at that time.

I get the impression that the appointment of Mills was the obvious decision. However with things the way they currently are I can see his reputation as a York City legend being tarnished. It’s a massive task to turn things around and with a squad of 30+ players it must be even harder.

So whats next?

The players he has brought in, in my opinion, have been fantastic for us so far. It’s just a matter of getting the bad eggs out the door. And I trust Mills with this task. The results haven’t changed since the switch of managers, however it is a transitioning period and things can only improve.

The game against Dagenham & Redbridge was just a sign to how we can actually play and speaking to Mills after the game he expressed his delight with how his team performed, despite the loss.

But honestly I think we just need one win, a confidence boost which would install a catalyst of winning performances. Looking at Robbie McDaid he looks a decent player, but so far lacks the finish. Hopefully in time he will find is feet and catapult York up the table with his goals.

It’s a long season and I’m hoping after Christmas we will be left with a decent squad which Mills can crack on with. The back to back fixtures with North Ferriby over the new year I’m hoping will be the turning point – I think they are vital wins for York.

As I’m finishing this we have just lost 3-0. RIP York.

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